Ferreycorp S.A.A.

Industry: Mining, Heavy Equipment, Power Generation, Construction, Agriculture, Forestry, On-Highway Trucks

Products: Caterpillar, Terex, Iveco, DAF, Kenworth, Massey Ferguson   

Location: 30 in Peru



GPC Asia Pacific

Industry: Automotive aftermarket parts (trade & retail)

Products: all leading automotive brands and makes   

Location: 480+ in Australia and New Zealand

"With ICS we improved our service level (...), added to that we reduced our safety stocks (...) and it gives us better control of the inventory. It saves us on freight, manpower and it helped us to increase our turns and reduced the number of parts sitting in the inventory."

Dennis Stapleton

Senior Parts Operations Manager

Empire Southwest

PT Trakindo Utama

Industry: Mining, Heavy Equipment, Power Generation, Marine, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Forestry, Construction

Products: Caterpillar

Location: 66 in Indonesia

CoolDrive Auto Parts

Industry: Automotive air conditioning wholesaler

Products: 100+ leading brands

Location: 12 in Australia and New Zealand

Wheeler Machinery Co.

Industry: Mining, Heavy Equipment, Power Generation, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Construction, Material Handling

Products: Caterpillar

Location: 10 in UT, NV (USA)

Warren Equipment Company

Industry: Heavy Equipment, Oil & Gas, Construction, Agriculture

Products: Caterpillar 

Location: 15 in OK, TX (USA)

Lumen Australia

Industry: Research, design and manufacturing of Automotive Components

Location: 1 in Australia

Empire Southwest

Industry: Mining, Heavy Equipment, Power Generation, Agriculture, Forestry, Oil & Gas, Construction

Products: Caterpillar 

Location: 28 in AZ, CA (USA)

Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Ltd.

Industry: OEM Heavy Equipment, Construction

Products: Shandong SEM Machinery

Location: 9 in China

Our Passion

We don't believe that Inventories and Supply Chains are a necessary evil. We know, if understood correctly, they implement strategy and are vital high-yield investments which can provide the strategic leverage needed to succeed. We continually work to expand current supply chain thinking and we absolutely love the challenge. 

About ICS

Computing supply and demand risks at SKU-level which are inherent to any stocked item combined with sophisticated forecasting models has been a game changer in inventory management. Uncovering those risks enables informed decision making and provides companies with undiscovered opportunities to achieve the desired capital and service level requirements.

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