Inventory Capital Solutions

ICS Global combines the application of big data, machine learning and innovative risk algorithms with smart and effective productivity features to deliver exceptional service levels and substantially improve capital management.


Your transaction-level data drives the demand forecast you need to achieve the service levels you want.


Align your inventory investment with your organisation's strategic goals and react quickly to market changes.


Strategically allocate and replenish inventory across your complete network, even across borders and entities.


3rd-party inventory financing and simultaneous de-recognition without changes to the physical setup and flow of goods. 


“Working with ICS has been a pleasure from both a results and relationship perspective. The results achieved (...) were fantastic and the ICS people worked with Repco as a single, focused team. The ICS tool and know-how has made a significant contribution to the management of our working capital and, as a result, the valuation of Repco as part of the IPO processes.

Peter Mummery
CEO, Repco Australia

Our Passion

We don't believe that Inventories and Supply Chains are a necessary evil. We know, if understood correctly, they implement strategy and are vital high-yield investments which can provide the strategic leverage needed to succeed. We continually work to expand current supply chain thinking and we absolutely love the challenge. 

About ICS

Computing supply and demand risks at SKU-level which are inherent to any stocked item combined with sophisticated forecasting models has been a game changer in inventory management. Uncovering those risks enables informed decision making and provides companies with undiscovered opportunities to achieve the desired capital and service level requirements.

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