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What-if Simulations

Model alternative strategies and analyse business impacts.



  • Easy to use simulation screen, which does not require any configuration.

  • Select items which should be part of the simulation by choosing from various filter such as location, product type, supplier and many more.

  • Models can be at user-defined aggregated level and/or SKU level.

  • Show impacts on financials, inventory and service levels in daily, weekly or monthly time buckets.

Test alternative strategies and see instantly how they impact financials, inventory and service levels.  

Enable rapid and informed decision making by providing hard data on resulting impacts.



  • Decisions are accelerated by knowing the consequences well in advance and by eliminating the risk of experimenting in the 'live system'.

  • Provides the ability to analyse complex and large practical problems, to test alternative strategies or changes in the market environment.

  • Simulation provides advantages, since changes of variables can be made to select the best solution among multiple options.

  • Allows the use of available real-time and real-world data to to predict and analyses specific “what-if” scenarios and outcomes.

Making use of simulations can help to optimise strategies for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.



  • Use of simulations to think ahead, and shed light on the consequences of events that may not  predicted otherwise.

  • Explore the possibilities contained within the dynamic events that drive your business and affect your supply chain.

  • Plan for possible adverse or otherwise unexpected events predicted by the simulations.

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