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Automated Forecasts

Accurate Supply & Demand Forecast to achieve Service Level Goals.



  • Supply and Demand Forecasts at micro-level (individual SKUs at individual locations) and macro-level (balance sheet view) or user-defined in-between level.

  • Forecasts are driven by latest transactional data, automated, continuously updated and adjusted.

  • ICS auto-selects the best-fit forecasting algorithm by choosing from 8 options through the application of a multi-algorithm tournament method.

Create a foreseeable future for logistics, operations, service, sales, and finance.

Create cross-functional visibility of working capital performance and future plans​


  • By default ICS forecasts expected sales, purchases, inventory positions at all locations and resulting cash commitments 24 months into the future.

  • Forecasts can easily be enriched with market knowledge or other human input.

  • Facilitates forecasting of new product introductions, newly established or suspended network locations.

  • Stocking towards forecast as opposed  to stocking to history increases reactiveness of inventory investments to changing market conditions drastically.

Enrich forecasts by adding Events for known future demand.



  • Events are automatically added to the demand forecast.

  • Replenishment recommendations are auto-adjusted.

  • When plans change or events are delayed rescheduling can be done with a click and forecast and replenishment recommendations are instantly updated.

  • Event planning does not add to historical demand (transactional history), protecting against unnecessary stock build-ups for known demand.

  • Events Planning can be automated.

  • ICS can identify parts classifying for event planning.

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