Inventory Optimisation

Holistic Inventory Network Planning across silos and borders. 


  • ICS takes all locations of a network into account when planning inventory allocations.

  • It can even be integrated into several ERP systems allowing for holistic inventory planning across legal entities, borders, currencies and languages.

  • Manage parent company and subsidiary inventories in one application.

  • Effortlessly transfer items between entities, borders and currencies.

  • Access authorisation controlled via easy user administration.

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimisation which breaks down silos and borders.

Understand optimal inventory allocations across the entire network.


  • Ensures optimal service at customer-facing locations taking allocations within the entire network into account.

  • Maximises returns on inventory investments and assures alignment to set service level targets.

  • Leverages full network visibility for surplus reduction.

  • Reduces inventory and logistics costs and obsolescences risks.

  • Monitors and adjusts for actual internal network lead times.

Create synergies in purchasing, logistics and operations.​


  • Create synergies across purchasing, inventory management, logistics and operations by administering the entire network in single place.

  • Reduce noise and costly corrections by analysing and managing the entire network.

  • Provides a global view and simultaneously the ability to act locally.

Our Passion

We don't believe that Inventories and Supply Chains are a necessary evil. We know, if understood correctly, they implement strategy and are vital high-yield investments which can provide the strategic leverage needed to succeed. We continually work to expand current supply chain thinking and we absolutely love the challenge. 

About ICS

Computing supply and demand risks at SKU-level which are inherent to any stocked item combined with sophisticated forecasting models has been a game changer in inventory management. Uncovering those risks enables informed decision making and provides companies with undiscovered opportunities to achieve the desired capital and service level requirements.

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