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Inventory Optimisation

Holistic Inventory Network Planning across silos and borders. 



  • ICS takes all locations of a network into account when planning inventory allocations.

  • It can even be integrated into several ERP systems allowing for holistic inventory planning across legal entities, borders, currencies and languages.

  • Manage parent company and subsidiary inventories in one application.

  • Effortlessly transfer items between entities, borders and currencies.

  • Access authorisation controlled via easy user administration.

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimisation which breaks down silos and borders.

Understand optimal inventory allocations across the entire network.



  • Ensures optimal service at customer-facing locations taking allocations within the entire network into account.

  • Maximises returns on inventory investments and assures alignment to set service level targets.

  • Leverages full network visibility for surplus reduction.

  • Reduces inventory and logistics costs and obsolescences risks.

  • Monitors and adjusts for actual internal network lead times.

Create synergies in purchasing, logistics and operations.​



  • Create synergies across purchasing, inventory management, logistics and operations by administering the entire network in single place.

  • Reduce noise and costly corrections by analysing and managing the entire network.

  • Provides a global view and simultaneously the ability to act locally.

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