How does ICS do it?

Determine actual Supply and Demand Risk at Item Level


  • Latest transaction-level data is used to compute item- and location-specific Supply & Demand Risk Factors.

  • Continual tracking of actual lead time for each transaction for every item at every location within the network.

  • Monitoring of order completeness and comparison of actual vs expected delivery performance.

  • Risk Factors of an item serve as basis for safety stock and reorder point calculations.

  • Identified risks are auto-compensated.

That's Big Data.

Automated Multi-Algorithm Demand Forecasting 


  • Forecasts are auto-generated and -optimized using a multi-algorithm tournament method to identify the best-possible forecast supporting advanced planning.

  • Market knowledge and human input can easily be incorporated into the forecasts enabling rapid reactions to demand fluctuations.

  • Forecasts are done by line-item and day into the future for all locations and channels.


  • Aggregate views provide high-level perspectives to manage large volumes of items grouped across user-defined, logical categories such as location, product group, product classification, business unit, and many more.

  • Events Planning adds known future demand to the forecast and auto-adjusts replenishment recommendations.

That's Machine Learning.

Simulate, adjust and enrich


  • ICS provides a powerful simulation platform to test the effects of demand forecast adjustments.

  • Enrich forecasts by adding market knowledge and human input and instantly see their impacts on purchasing, inventory and sales.

  • Test or experiment with optimisation strategies in a risk-free environment using the predictive power of ICS' comprehensive what-if analysis features.

  • ​Freely choose whether to simulate on macro, micro or any user-defined in-between level.

That's Data Simulation.

Business Intelligence and Reporting


  • ICS provides supply chain visibility through constant analysis of real-time data.


  • Gain the visibility to information which uncovers your supply chain strengths and weaknesses, which allow you to foresee and prevent crises and which provides effective performance communication with management.

  • ICS analytics are focused on planning, forecasting, replenishment, inventory status and health.

  • Empower your supply chain organisation to assess the right course of action, instil accountability and achieve continuous improvement.


That's informed decision making.

Inventory De-recognition and off-balance sheet treatment


  • ICS' risk algorithms enable 3rd party inventory financing solutions.

  • Requires no changes to the physical set-up or physical flow of goods.

  • Provides inventory de-recognition and off-balance sheet treatment in compliance with US-GAAP and IFRS accounting standards.

  • Management of divested and remaining inventory within one system.

That's a complete novelty in Inventory Finance.

Our Passion

We don't believe that Inventories and Supply Chains are a necessary evil. We know, if understood correctly, they implement strategy and are vital high-yield investments which can provide the strategic leverage needed to succeed. We continually work to expand current supply chain thinking and we absolutely love the challenge. 

About ICS

Computing supply and demand risks at SKU-level which are inherent to any stocked item combined with sophisticated forecasting models has been a game changer in inventory management. Uncovering those risks enables informed decision making and provides companies with undiscovered opportunities to achieve the desired capital and service level requirements.

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