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How does ICS do it?

Determine actual Supply and Demand Risk at Item Level



  • Latest transaction-level data is used to compute item- and location-specific Supply & Demand Risk Factors.

  • Continual tracking of actual lead time for each transaction for every item at every location within the network.

  • Monitoring of order completeness and comparison of actual vs expected delivery performance.

  • Risk Factors of an item serve as basis for safety stock and reorder point calculations.

  • Identified risks are auto-compensated.

That's Big Data.

Automated Multi-Algorithm Demand Forecasting 



  • Forecasts are auto-generated and -optimized using a multi-algorithm tournament method to identify the best-possible forecast supporting advanced planning.

  • Market knowledge and human input can easily be incorporated into the forecasts enabling rapid reactions to demand fluctuations.

  • Forecasts are done by line-item and day into the future for all locations and channels.


  • Aggregate views provide high-level perspectives to manage large volumes of items grouped across user-defined, logical categories such as location, product group, product classification, business unit, and many more.

  • Events Planning adds known future demand to the forecast and auto-adjusts replenishment recommendations.

That's Machine Learning.

Simulate, adjust and enrich



  • ICS provides a powerful simulation platform to test the effects of demand forecast adjustments.

  • Enrich forecasts by adding market knowledge and human input and instantly see their impacts on purchasing, inventory and sales.

  • Test or experiment with optimisation strategies in a risk-free environment using the predictive power of ICS' comprehensive what-if analysis features.

  • ​Freely choose whether to simulate on macro, micro or any user-defined in-between level.

That's Data Simulation.

Business Intelligence and Reporting



  • ICS provides supply chain visibility through constant analysis of real-time data.


  • Gain the visibility to information which uncovers your supply chain strengths and weaknesses, which allow you to foresee and prevent crises and which provides effective performance communication with management.

  • ICS analytics are focused on planning, forecasting, replenishment, inventory status and health.

  • Empower your supply chain organisation to assess the right course of action, instil accountability and achieve continuous improvement.


That's informed decision making.

Inventory De-recognition and off-balance sheet treatment



  • ICS' risk algorithms enable 3rd party inventory financing solutions.

  • Requires no changes to the physical set-up or physical flow of goods.

  • Provides inventory de-recognition and off-balance sheet treatment in compliance with US-GAAP and IFRS accounting standards.

  • Management of divested and remaining inventory within one system.

That's a complete novelty in Inventory Finance.

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